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Shipments and Return







How much does it cost?

It is 20€ VAT included, for all the destinations in Italy. It is free for orders that overcome 150,00 € VAT included, but with the exception of islands.
For more info and to ask for a delivery on islands and abroad, please write to info@montagnoli.eu or call n. +39 075 874 2033


When will the order be shipped? As soon as we receive the payment, procedures to ship the order start. We prepare the goods, the package and ship to the address indicated in the order. Normally, all this happens in the next 48 hours. This time frame allows us to carry out the administrative practices, the preparation of the goods and the pick up by our courier.


How long will it take to receive the package? Our couriers – mainly BRT and SUSA – generally deliver the goods within 1-5 working days, depending in the availability of each item, directly to the address indicated in the order (for the islands, there are 1-2 days in addition). Deliveries in impervious zones, limited traffic zones and similar must be communicated in advance while completing the order. All additional costs deriving from the lack of this kind of communication will be charged on the customer. The delivery takes place on the roadside.


Can I track my shipment? Yes, we will send you an email with the code and link to track it down, the name of the courier and the date it has been taken in charge, so that you can easily know when it will be delivered to you.


What happens if the product I ordered is not immediately available?  If the goods are not immediately available in our warehouse or if there are stock problems that are not indicated, our Customer Care will contact the customer to solve the problem, even in cases of an order paid via PayPal. Please note that the order is shipped when all the products are available.


What do I have to di when I receive the package? The customer must check that the number of cartons corresponds to that indicated in the document of transport and that the packages are intact and corresponding to the document. If one of the aforementioned conditions is not satisfied, it is important to immediately contest, writing on the document that the shipment is received but “subject to scrutiny”. If the documents are signed without this sentence, the customer can’t contest the shipment anymore.


MONTAGNOLI is not responsible for late or missed deliveries due to third parties, causes of force majeure or accidental events, even though our after sales service will give maximum support to the customer, in cases of problems with the shipment. At the moment, it is not possible to ship to post office boxes or postmail service block.


MONTAGNOLI informs that at the moment, all shipments related services are in function, but they could suffer delays on deliveries due to the pandemic caused by the diffusion of COVID-19.



Returns and warranty


  • Which are the requirements to use the return service? Is the return processed automatically via an ecommerce channel? Only the requests agreed with the customer service, and for which MONTAGNOLI has assigned a practice identifier, will be taken in charge.
  • How much time do I have to return the shipment? As stated by the current regulations (D. Lgs. 21/02/2014 n.21), the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract and proceed with the return of the goods, perfectly intact, within 14 days after receiving them.
  • How much does it cost to return the shipment? Shipping costs are on the customer, so it depends on the choice of the courier. To use the return service, the customer must send the fiscal document received at the moment of the purchase (receipt/invoice) or something that proves the purchase (details of the transfer) in order to proceed with the return practice correctly. The goods must be returned intact, with all the components and the original package. MONTAGNOLI reserves the right to not accept non authorized returns or not complying ones. In tese cases, the goods will be returned to the shipper, to the original shipping address. The eventual acceptance of those returns involves a charge up to 10% of the value of the returned goods.
  • What to do in cases of damaged or defected goods?  In these cases, the customer is invited to contact the customer service via email immediately, on email address info@montagnoli.eu. MONTAGNOLI reserves the right to ask for photos to prove the actual damage before authorizing a return for damaged goods and taking charge of the shipping costs to make the goods go back to its warehouse.
  • How long does the product warranty last? The private customer has the right to a legal warranty of 24 months from the date of the receipt. The legal guarantee is 12 months for the purchase made with VAT number and consequent invoice. The warranty covers exclusively damages related to the manufacturing of the product: the lack of one of the requirements makes the warranty right and the right to return the goods fall.

The items that will be authorized for the return must be shipped to the followin


MONTAGNOLI di Montagnoli Giorgio
Via Carlo Faina, 9 – 06055 Marsciano (PG) – Italy



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