No minimum value is required for all the purchases on the website, unless otherwise indicated.

All the prices indicated include VAT, but not the shipping costs.

The following methods of payment are accepted:

Paypal, credit/debit card

Why paying with Paypal? Simple! Because it is a safe way to send money, it is one of the few services with which you can pay without having to share your credit card data. That’s why millions of people use Paypal everyday to send money in a safe way. Put items in your cart and select this method of payment in the relevant section. If you don’t have an account, you can still pay by providing your credit/debit card data!


Which credit or prepaid cards can be used on Paypal? Discover!


Wire Transfer

It doesn’t imply additional charges for the customer. The wire transfer must be done by the person who the order/invoice is headed to. In the purpose of the transfer, you must indicate the order number, which will be sent to you in a confirmation email, then you must send a copy of the occurred transfer to Your products will be prepared and shipped once the money is accredited (3-5 working days).


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